Found a home

Second night in our new home. So me and Rebecka finally found somewhere to live! It’s fairly cheap and at a pretty good location, five minutes by bus into town (and 35 to the uni). The “home” is a freezing twin room with access to a shared kitchen – and that’s about it. 80 euros a week for each person – and yes, that’s considered cheap… Also, we were fairly desperate after eleven days of activelly searching and also sponging on my friends’ apartment in Maynooth. When moving in yesterday, we were thrilled just to have a place to refer to as home. Issues have piled up, and we both agree that this place is not ideal in any way – but I’m sure we will adjust and make this work.

The main thing is that stress has clouded far too much of this journey, and I want to start thinking positivelly. It all starts with what you let out into the world, right?


First week completed

Hello world!

don’t really know what to write, I just know you haven’t heard from me in a while. In a week – a very eventful, and stessing week. Me and Rebecka have been busy searching for accommodation together – and it has been harder than we could have imagined. We’ve phoned around, sent e-mails frequently and gone to several viewings aswell. He problem is, we’re only staying for one semester aka four months. Every landlord wants their tenants to stay for at least nine months, preferably twelve. Anyways, it has kinda clouded this first week in Dublin. Not having a home, I mean. I do however feel lucky having two friends in Maynooth. Cause that’s where me and Rebecka has been staying. I really hope we both can find some place good in the next few days. keep your fingers crossed for us! We need all the help we can get.


Hello world, I’m in Ireland!

Arrived yesterday after a day filled with several trains, friendly strangers and new impressions. Now here I am, in Maynooth outside of Dublin, ready to start a new day. I am living here with two friends until me and Rebecka can find a place of our own. Hopefully it will just be a couple of days. I really like it here, but its 50 mins from Dublin, and from Dublin we must also find our way to UCD! It is our top priority finding accommodation. When Rebecka arrives today, we’ll start right away (for real I mean – we’ve been trying to find a place through web sites and e-mails for like forever). 



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2. Also, join me to go to London on the big day. If you’re Whovian, you’ll understand.

Enough nerding around, introductions are needed! My name is Frida. This is me, a 21 yearold currently living in Borås, Sweden – the same old town I’ve always called my home.  Exchange studies will bring me to Dublin this autumn. Flight leaves on Sunday. I’ll be home in time for Christmas. Until then – adventure tiemz!

This blog is basically for capturing my journey. So… Welcome to my life.

2 days left in Sweden.